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Variable Dead key (carrier) MODULATOR / Swing kit for the Cobra 148 GTL, Cobra 2000 GTL, & Uniden GRANT XL CB Radios


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ITEM#: VMOD148         0;    

Note: heat shrink, & or wire color may vary from unit to unit.

This kit comes with installation instructions for the following radios ONLY:



  148 GTL

  Cobra 2000 GTL




    The MODULATOR / variable power swing kit allows you to lower your radios dead key (carrier) from about 0 watts to full carrier, full carrier would be whatever your radio dead keys now, maybe slightly less from insertion loss, but usually no or little loss at all.


  Say your radio dead keys 4 watts now & swings to 20 watts, after you install the Variable / MODULATOR kit you will be able to adjust your dead key from about 0 watts to 4 watts or anywhere in between (1 watt, 2 watts, 3 watts, etc.) and still swing to about 20 watts PEAK, so it gives you full control over your dead key without loosing all of your PEAK swing, great kit for fine tuning your dead key for an amp!


Generally for optimum performance & AM modulation your dead key (carrier) should be 4 times less then your PEAK or PEP power. If your running an amp capable of 100 watts PEP, your dead key should be set to 25 watts. This ratio can be varied a little bit up or down, but best sounding audio will be obtained by staying close to the 4:1 ratio.


Installation is a simple 3-wire hookup; you will also need to drill a hole & mount the adjustment knob. That's all there is too it!


    All products are made from high quality components & will offer years of trouble free service when installed & used as intended!


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